Our objective is to make our holders earn by holding TICO


TICOEX Token is giving opportunity to all it's holders to earn by staking TICO. This is One of the privileges for TICO users to stake and earn, buy TICO from the exchange and stake them to earn more.

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About TICO Staking

Our project TICOEX Token provides TICO staking platform to let TICO token have a use for our holders, the monthly percentage returns will be in USDT instead of TICO, the platform will last for years. This will make our traders and investors make use of TICO and benefit from TICO token, only traders and investors will enjoy this platform.

Staking Plans

TICO Staking Plans


2% Monthly in USDT

10,000 TICO - 50,000 TICO

Vip Classic

14% 6Months in USDT

51,000 TICO - 100,000 TICO

Super Whale

27% Yearly in USDT

101,000 TICO - 200,000 TICO
Be an affiliate for TICO

Affiliate Program

Register and join our affiliate program, earn commission per referred traders and investors, affiliate commissions is 2.5% per invite, minimum withdrawal of affiliate earnings is 7 referrals which will be paid in TICO, 7 to 15 referrals will be paid in 20% USDT and 80% TICO, 16 referrals upwards will get full affiliate commissions in USDT.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are FAQ about TICO staking. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is TICO staking?

TICO staking is the process of earning percentage on holding TICO and earn in USDT instead of TICO.

Who can join TICO staking?

Only TICO users are the beneficiaries of TICO staking.

Any cost for opening an account?

Opening an account with TICO staking is free, but stakers need to be a trader of TICO.

Issues with your account?

Contact any of the TICOEX Token admins or send a report mail to support email.

How do you invest the funds?

Buy TICO token from the Exchange, create an account on the platform, login and choose a plan, deposit TICO (you must deposit TICO from ETH address you linked to your payment account, you can see this from your account=> payment account) and send your email, and transaction hash link to support@ticoex.io, and it will start to grow till expire date of the investment plan you choose.

How much do I earn if I invite a friend?

The referral commission differs for number or referrals, check the affiliate section to read more about it.